A school emerging to uphold competitiveness, dynamic and responsible citizens with the    embodiments of God-fearing, upright and value-oriented individuals




                        The school mission is…

            To provide an individual approach of learning and development with respect to individual variance


            A pupil who desires to become intelligent, socially and morally upright who genuinely pursue a successful and peaceful life in the society




Below are the goals of Quinale Elementary School (QES):



1.                  Reinforce instruction in English , Science and Mathematics (ENSCIMA)

2.                  Strengthen teachers’ teaching competence in reading.

3.                  Develop teacher made stories with illustration

4.                  Strengthen instruction in all learning areas and assess the competence of pupils in tests based in BEC Curriculum.

5.                  Orient teachers on the effective use of Makabayan Matrix.

6.                  Establish /Maintain functional library in every classhome.

7.                  Intensive Instructional Supervision and Improvement Program (ISSIP)

8.                  Project Research and its Implementation to Teaching. (RIT)




1.                  Equip pupils with the necessary reading materials to improve their achievement.

2.                  Assist struggling learners in all grade levels in order to improve their reading and writing skills.

3.                  Enhance pupils’ skills in conducting simple investigatory project.

4.                  Expose pupils intensively in mathematics activities.

5.                  Intensify the implementation of “No Read No Move”

6.                  Implement the Child-Friendly School System (CFSS)

7.                  Develop test item bank based on PELC/

8.                  Enhance the reading skills of Non-Readers (ECARP)