From our friends and God so great
So thank you Lord our Savior
We are to you everything
All the happiness we encounter
You alone Lord gave them.


I am inspired to write
Because of the awards we got
We are so blessed
Cause God gave us talent
We won so many awards
In Science HKS and Math
We are so grateful
For our teachers so faithful
Inspiration in our studies
Came from our parents
From our brothers and

A town that is so small
Yet it's so beautiful,
A town where I was born
Full of dreams and ambition,

Skillful are your townsfolk
Creative and industrious,
Using God-given gifts
To make their lives complete.

A town of wood carvers
Fishermen, artists and  farmers,
Sweet lanzones and santol
Grow on your mountain so tall.
Your lake is bountiful,
With tilapia,karpa and hipon Biya and ayungin

The Quinalian