April - October 2005          Editorial 5


      History repeats itself

"Can history repeat itself?"

In our HEKASI class we learned about the misery of martial law which was enforced during the Marcos regime. We really have not witnessed it  because it was in the 80's. We've seen rallies, demonstrations on the streets and destructive dispersals. It was so fearful, nobody wants it to happen again.
But just recently, while we were  watching over our television, something caught our attention. We saw a woman being pushed harshly then slapped on her face by a cop. We also saw a man--a demonstrator who was punched two times while under the custody of two other policemen. What a dismay! Is this already a shadow of martial law?
Today, there is "no permit no rally policy," but here and there with or without permits, oppositionists, militant groups, the "common tao" can be seen on the streets once more. They are shouting with all their might asking the president to step down.
Government officials are not allowed to testify before the senate for clarification of some important issues. Even officers and men in uniform are also in the same boat--without permission from the chief-of-staff it is unlawful to be before the legislative body. If they won't obey, a court martial is offered to them.

In unity there is success

Father I'm hungry !  Mother…..     food….  Give me food ……. Please!

Today, hunger is common among the poor Filipinos.  We can't say that they are lazy, they just can't find job so it's hard for them to make both ends meet.
But we heard some discussions about foreign firms paid by our government.  We're too young to understand the issue but what we only know is that multi-million pesos were being spent needlessly.  We think that the amount should be used in giving more jobs to jobless Filipinos so they wont starve to death.
Maybe this is the reason why criminals and other lawless elements multiply in number.  Although they don't want to do bad things they were forced to do it out of necessity.
The government and every Filipino should work together to build a good image for our country.  Later on we will discover that no foreign firms can ever do that except we Filipinos.  We must unite because in unity there is success.

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